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DSM Performance Parts | DSMparts.com :: Engine :: DSM Camshafts & Cam Gears :: Fidanza Cam Gear 90-99 DSM

Fidanza Cam Gear 90-99 DSM

Fidanza Cam Gear 90-99 DSM

Fidanza Cam Gear 90-99 DSM 
Product Details
Fidanza Cam Gears are a must for those who want to fine tune every available bit of horsepower and torque out of their engine. By advancing and retarding the camshaft timing you can realize maximum horsepower gains. Cam gears also allow you the ability to shift the powerband of your engine through the adjustments. It is recommended that you dyno tune your car to get the best gains.

Fits: 90-99 Turbo Talon, Eclipse, Laser, and 91-92 Galant Vr-4
Note: The price is per cam gear. You can use two of them on your DOHC engine.

Price: $172.95

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The first item I ordered off of DSM Parts was a Defi D-series boost gauge (which BTW, is a work of art). I was very excited to get this gauge and anticipated its arrival. When it got to me, I opened the case and was saddened to see that the needle was sitting off center (about 3psi off of 0).

Less than happy, I immediately called DSM Parts and spoke with a gentleman about the problem. He informed me that the Defi gauges have had similar past problems due to rough shipment which causes the gear teeth to jump, causing the needle to sit off center. Before I could say anything, the gentleman told me that arrangements will be made via UPS to pick up the old gauge, as well as send me a new gauge (which was all taken care of in less than a week). Better yet, this was without any more money out of my pocket. This proves that these guys really do care about customer satisfaction, even if they have to come out of pocket to make things right.

Since then, I have ordered numerous parts from DSM Parts and will continue to do so. The customer service level and product knowledge alone is well worth it!
Derek Martin

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