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DSM Performance Parts | DSMparts.com :: Engine :: FIC 1250cc Injector Clinic Injector Set (Low-Z) - DSM

FIC 1250cc Injector Clinic Injector Set (Low-Z) - DSM

FIC 1250cc Injector Clinic Injector Set (Low-Z) - DSM

FIC 1250cc Injector Clinic Injector Set (Low-Z) - DSM 
Product Details
Mitsubishi DSM BlueMAX Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set: 4 x 1250cc Peak and Hold/ Low Impedance Ball & Seat Injectors. Great for E85 applications! Plug and play fitment without adaptors!

Fuel Injector Clinic injector sets are precisely flow matched to within 1%. Each injector within each set is individually numbered and results for each injector are listed on a detailed flow sheet included with the set. Dynamic flow matching is used only on injector sets where the additional time and cost are justified by the corresponding benefits gained during the tuning process.

Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are flow tested and rated at 43.5psi (3Bar) at 90F fuel temperature using CF-16B calibration fluid.

The superior spray pattern and atomization make these injectors easy to tune and provide great drivability.

Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are set up to and include all o-rings needed to fit the factory application for the listed vehicle. For aftermarket or other unusual setups please contact us prior to placing your order to make sure you receive injectors that fit properly.

Every injector is covered against failure caused by defects in original manufacture by our 12 month warranty.

Fuel Injector Clinic injectors use the factory electrical connector or include solder-in pigtails. You can purchase adaptor plug-n-play harnesses to avoid cutting your stock harness as an optional extra.

This injector set contains low impedance injectors matched to your vehicles factory fuel injector control system which may include an injector resistor pack working in conjunction with your vehicles OEM ECU. These injectors are also suitable for use with an aftermarket ECU made or set up for low impedance injectors driven by a peak and hold signal or by a saturated signal together with a resistor pack.

The Dynamic pulse matching used during production of these high-flow fuel injectors ensures a precise match that can make your car easier to tune.

Price: $365.95

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dsmparts has been by far the most helpful, professional, legit website that I have found for parts for dsm's. Shipping is fast and when there is a problem they make sure it gets fixed. I will continue to order parts from here when I need them.
Anthony D.

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