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DSM Performance Parts | DSMparts.com :: Exterior :: Prothane Motor Mounts - Left Upper

Prothane Motor Mounts - Left Upper

Prothane Motor Mounts - Left Upper

Prothane Motor Mounts - Left Upper 
Product Details
Prothane mounts are designed to limit unwanted movement and control
torque thereby putting more power to the wheels and also reducing the
chance of breakage. You will notice performance gains on the street or
track with their almost indestructible mounts. Prothane motor and
transmission mounts are strong and tough like a solid metal mount
without the vibration and noise. All mounts are very durable and
resistant to oil, chemicals and road contaminants that deteriorate
rubber mounts. Prothane mounts feature application specific engineering.
In other words they are not a universal ''one fits all '' application.
This will insure you to get a maximum benefit from a Prothane product.
Where applicable, mounts feature internal ''run safe'' interlocking
engineering or specially designed mechanical interlocking steel inserts.
Certain mounts also feature an innovative mounting method which allows
one mount to fit multiple applications without compromising fit or
quality. Prothane mounts are manufactured of the highest quality
specially formulated polyurethanes. In a nut shell Prothane will provide
you with the performance and value you demand.

Available in Red or Black

Price: $30.95

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I have placed quite a few orders with DSMParts.com in the past and they have always come through with excellent service and support for any problems that I have run into. I have a current ongoing problem that one person in particular by the name of Jenna has been extremely helpful in trying to have this issue resolved and has gone out of the way to make sure it is fixed to the ways that it should. Customer service seems to be DSMParts #1 Priority, and thats the way that any business should be run. I will always place my orders here because they honestly care about the customer. Thanks DSM Parts
Brandon Belostock

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